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Dine Out Boston

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be participating in Dine Out Boston from August 6th-19th. We love hosting this event as a way for customers to enjoy a variety of our menu. You can enjoy a 4-course lunch for $33 or 4-course dinner for $46. This applies to both dine-in and takeout orders, so make sure to take advantage.

August Drink Specials

August is always a hot month, and a cool drink is just what you need to chill out. Here are this month’s drink specials
1. Summer Jade (left) – Baijiu, Amaro Montenegro, Lime, Falernum, Pink Guava Puree – Perfect for World Baijiu Day on 8/9 – see below!
2. Forbidden City (middle) – Rye, Banana Liqueur, Black Rice Syrup, Sesame Oil, Egg White
3. Kiwi Pineapple Cooler Mocktail (right) – Kiwi, Pineapple, Lemon, Raw Honey, Mints – add rum if you want to make it a cocktail for National Rum Day on 8/16!
New Beer Special! We’ve just added cans of Master Gao Baby Jasmine Lager to our special menu.
Master Gao Jasmine Tea Lager uses Jasmine Tea produced in Guangxi province. Each tea leaf is roasted with fresh Jasmine flowers at least six times in order to get the optimum amount of aroma, while adding fresh jasmine flowers to each roasting cycle. The tea is then brewed at a medium temperature for hours to extract the tea flavor but with minimal tannin extract, which adds to the final beer’s richness. The overall tea flavor on the beer is mild as to complement the lager quality of the beer, making this a most enjoyable and refreshing beer.

World Baijiu Day

This month we have plenty of reasons to say “Cheers!” First up, we have World Baijiu Day on 8/9. We’re celebrating World Baijiu Day along with dozens of other cities to give people a chance to try this incredibly interesting spirit. Fun Fact: Baijiu (pronounced “bye joe”) is the world’s top-selling spirit. Baijiu is always on our menu and we’ve got a variety of cocktails made with this strong, funky, and complex spirit. Here are three of our Baijiu cocktails:
1. Summer Jade- Baijiu, Amaro Montenegro, Lime, Falernum, Pink Guava Puree – our special drink for World Baijiu Day 2023!
2. Fung Wah – Sesame Baijiu, Chrysanthemum, Honey, Ginger, Lemon, Peated Scotch
3. Baijiu Blast – Baijiu Gin, Green Tea, Midori, Pineapple, Lime
4. Perpetual Motion – Baijiu, Blood Orange, Elderflower, Mint

August Foodie Holidays

This month we’re celebrating National Hot & Spicy Food Day on 8/19! Check out our many options below: Spicy Crunchy Cucumber, Lava Fish, Spicy Cauliflower, Spicy Popcorn Chicken

Our Patio is Beautiful!

Friendly reminder that our patio is open for both lunch and dinner! We’ve spruced up our patio and love how it looks glowing at night.

Live Music at Sumiao

Ready to sing and dance with us at Sumiao? Come join us on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-9pm for some of the best live music in town. We sure do love our musical guests!

Musician Highlights: Dwayne Haggins

He’s been described as “the love child of Hank Williams and Otis Redding.” “The John Legend of rockabilly.” And even, “the ‘what-took-you-so-long?’ fusion of Elvis Presley and Marvin Gaye.” At every performance, whether in a venerable metropolitan concert hall or a grimy dive in an anonymous strip mall, Dwayne Haggins is always at work.