Soaking Up the Last of Summer

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Mid Autumn Festival 2021

Tuesday September 21 is The Mid Autumn Festival, a very traditional Chinese holiday. This holiday is a very important day for Chinese families who gather together to light lanterns and admire the fullest moon of the year. For this festival, it is customary to enjoy mooncakes. These delicious pastries are sliced up and shared as a family. Here at Sumiao, we love sharing this tradition with our guests. To celebrate, we’ll be giving out complimentary mooncakes to our valued guests from 9/21-9/22.

We’re also celebrating with our Galaxy Moon cocktail, a delicious drink made with prosecco and osmanthus syrup. Yum!

Chef Zhang’s Monthly Recommendations

1. Three S’ Lotus Root
2. Spicy Starlight Calamari Roll
3. Cumin Lamb Rack
4. Stir-fried Diced Lotus Root
5. Beef La Rou with Dried White Pepper
6. Impossible Beef on Fire

September Foodie Holidays

1. 9/3 – National Peanut Day – Enjoy our Kung Pao Shrimp (1) and our Kung Fu Beef Brisket (2)
2. 9/26 – National Pancake Day – Our Scallion Pancakes (3) are delish!
3. 9/26 – National Dumpling Day – Gotta try our Gyoza (4) and our brand new chicken dumpling shown below!

Beef Lover's Day

On September 7th, we’re excited to celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day. Sumiao is proud to carry beer from local breweries. Look what’s in store:
1. Aeronaut Dr. Nandu IPA – This brew is a delightful, light, floral, fruity highly drinkable pale ale.
2. Lamplighter Brewing – Rabbit Rabbit – This beer is a juice bomb, boasting huge hop flavors of mango, melon, and ripe fruit.
3. Night Shift Whirlpool – Whirlpool is a juicy, fruity, and crisp beer that’s super refreshing.
4. Allagash White Belgian – This Belgian beer is both complex and refreshing. Switchback Ale – Smooth and refreshing character.

Beer flights are here! Our new beer flights are a great way to try a variety of our local draft beers for a great price (3 choices for $14). You’ll get a taste of Aeronaut Dr. Nandu IPA, Night Shift Whirlpool, and Switchback Ale.

Cheers to New Drinks

This month we’ve got two new cocktails:
~Fall & Summer (left) – tequila, fig preserves, orange juice, ginger syrup, rosemary
~Ms. Matcha (right) – gin, matcha powder, egg whites, lemon juice

We also have our Japanese Whiskey Flight featuring three pours (Nikka/ Hibiki/ Toki) for $33. This is a great, fun way to discover which whiskey you enjoy most!

Live Music at Sumiao

Ready to sing and dance with us at Sumiao? Come join us on Wednesdays and Thursdays for some of the best live music in town. We sure do love our musical guests!