Springing into a New Month

Springing Into a New Month

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We’ve been so lucky to have some great weather the past couple of weeks and it’s making us so ready for sunshine on the patio! Let’s dig in to see what’s hot for the month of April at Sumiao Hunan Kitchen!

Foodie Holidays Galore

  • 4/7 National Beer Day – We’ve got so many beers available for takeout and dine-in. See more below!
  • 4/19 National Garlic Day – Celebrate with Garlic Leaf Lettuce, Garlic Flavored Okra, or Garlic Calamari!
  • 4/21 National Tea Day – We love our selection of teas from Numi and Tea Forte. See more info below!

Sippin' on New Cocktails

  1. Puer Old Fashioned – Old Fashioned with grapefruit bitters and Puer Tea
  2. Lime Bishop – Bacardi Lime Rum, red wine, yuzu syrup
  3. Jasmine Martini – Gin, lemon, grapefruit, agave
  4. Spring Mimosa – Strawberry lemonade, lime, simple, and sparkling wine

ALLAGASH WHITE BELGIAN, brewed in Portland, Maine, is both complex and refreshing; it pairs well with our Garlic Leaf Lettuce. 

Chef Zhang's Recs for the Month

Take it from our head Chef Zhang, these dishes are hot this month!

  1. Sauteed Eel with Shiso – cumin, ginger, garlic, seasoned soy sauce, fermented black soybean sauce
  2. Stir-Fried Shanghai Greens – shanghai greens, garlic, salt, chili pepper
  3. Hot & Sour Fish Belly – ginger, garlic, red pepper, pickled veggies
  4. Sizzling Calamari – chives, dried chili, garlic, ginger, cumin
  5. Scallion Twisty Roll
  6. Sweet Twisty Roll
  7. Impossible Beef Over Rice – ya cai, celery, bell pepper, soy sauce, chili pepper

What's the Tea?

Drinking tea is an ancient practice in China. Scholars believe people in the Yunnan Province in south China were the first to drink tea, which they considered it a form of medicine. Once people started sipping brewed tea leaves, the practice spread across China and eventually across all of Asia. Today, 60 countries including the United States grow tea. To celebrate National Tea Day on April 21st, consider sipping on one of our many teas from Numi and Tea Forte. We love the Green Mango Peach for a sweet pick-me-up and the Citrus Mint for something perfect for Spring.

Beverages Takeout Style

Our beer takeout options are aplenty! Make sure to add some cans or bottles to your next order with us for a fun evening in. Don’t miss all of our local options, too.

Sumiao Now LIVE On HungryPanda

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen is now live on the HungryPanda delivery app. Scan the QR code below to join & instantly redeem $5 off your next order. Hurry act fast!!
We very much appreciate your support by ordering via our website for takeout and delivery. These services cost significantly less in fees compared to the high commission from 3rd party apps. These savings help us keep our lights on and keep our amazing staff happy, healthy, and employed. Thanks again for helping us survive this challenging time!