July | 2018

A Hunan-style Summer to Remember

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It’s hard to believe it’s already July and we’ve been here in Kendall Square for a full year; time flies when you’re having fun! Here are our latest happenings and what to look forward to this month:


Because New England summer and seafood go hand-in-hand, we’re bringing you a traditional Hunan experience from the sea that we guarantee can’t be beat. In addition to over a dozen new tapas and fresh chef specialties, seafood lovers can now relish in our new “Daily Catch” menu. Choose from lobster ($60), crawfish ($58), conch ($40), coral shrimp ($128) or white shrimp ($58), then select a cooking method and whether you prefer a spicy or ginger-scallion flavor.

For daily caught seafood, you must place your order 48 hours in advance with the exception of lobster and crawfish which will be available in limited quantities from Friday through Sunday.

Not a fan of seafood? We’ve got plenty of new veggie and meat-packed options for you, too. Try our new chilled and sweet Cold Snow Fungus & Pear Soup, a traditional Chinese dessert soup that balances the palate after spicy foods ($15/$5) as well as the healthful Stir-Fried Celery & Lily Bulbs made with macadamia nuts and sesame oil ($15). Nostalgic hometown favorites include the Baby Bamboo Ring with Minced Pork with the province’s most popular summer vegetable, bamboo shoots ($16) and the Steamed Egg Tofu with spicy minced pork ($15), a childhood favorite of SHK’s owner, Sumiao Chen. Spicy Shredded Pig’s Ear ($16), Spicy Chicken Gizzard stir fry ($16) and Twice Cooked Quail Eggs ($16) are available for those with more adventurous palate.


Enjoying good food and live music with family and friends is a part of the Hunan DNA, so it’s only right we keep this tradition alive.

Every Thursday and Friday join us at 7pm as we welcome the city’s top musical talent across different genres and cultures to perform in our dining room.



Your chance to sit back and relax in true Hunan fashion is on July 22 from 2pm-5pm! Mala crawfish is the most popular and classic street food in our country and on summer nights you’ll typically find us on a patio with crawfish in one hand and a cold beer in the other. Now we’re bringing this to Kendall Square!

Tickets ($30 each) to our Crawfish + Beer Festival can now be purchased via Eventbrite and will include 3 lbs. of crawfish and a complimentary beer or mocktail. Our chef will be cooking out on the patio.