January 2018

New Year, New Specials

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With the New Year, we introduce new menu features and special offers. Grab a seat by our fireplace or enjoy Sumiao in the comfort of your own home all winter long.


We are continuing our tradition of featuring a monthly cocktail special in the New Year. Through January 31, sip on our Saketini, an elegant balance of Grey Goose vodka with Diaginjo sake that is garnished with a refreshing cucumber slice. Considered the pinnacle of a sake brewer’s art, Diaginjo is a super-premium type of sake. It can be differentiated through its rice-polishing ratio, which removes the outer layer of the grain that produces unwanted flavors and instead yields a cleaner, more delicate and luxurious taste. In keeping with those New Year’s resolutions for a more healthful lifestyle, Diaginjo has no preservatives or additives so there is less guilt when you indulge during a night out on the town!

By popular demand we’ll also continue shaking up our November and December specialty cocktails, the Eggnog Rum Punch and Hot Toddy.



If you are resolving to cut sweets from your diet this year, try ordering up one of our new Digestif Spirits instead of dessert. Available post-meal, our new feature menu is a collection of single malt scotches, cognacs, cordials and after-dinner drinks.

If you’re opting for a liquid dessert, might we suggest the Chocolate Hazelnut Martini?



Seafood is brainfood so kickstart your productivity this month by indulging in our trio of chef specials:

Fish Platter – red braised whole tilapia flavored with black bean chili sauce and garnished with ginger, scallions, green and red peppers
Furious Frog – a twist on our signature Angry Frog creation, only spicier (you’ll need a bit of heat with how the winter is shaping up!)
2018 Delight – a bowl of all our favorite things, including egg-wrapped fish paste, meatballs, bamboo shoots, calamari, pork, sea cucumber and more



If braving the elements proves too much, we’ll come to you! Order up your customized Hunanese feast through our delivery partners: Caviar, DoorDash and GrubHub.

Wishing you and yours a 2018 filled with health, happiness and good eating!