November 2017

A November to Remember

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It’s hard to believe it’s already November and we’ve been here in Kendall Square for more than three months; time flies when you’re having fun! Here are Sumiao Hunan Kitchen’s latest happenings and what to look forward to this month.


By popular demand, we are back with a new $7 cocktail this month that keeps your wallet happy and hands warm. The foundation of our Hot Toddy is a warm lemon-honey black tea that is enriched by the depth of whiskey, a spirit that captures the earthy essence of autumn in New England. A housemade lavender-clove reduction is folded in and the cocktail is finished with a sweet dose of Disaronno Amaretto and garnished with a lemon twist.

Spiked tea, FTW.



November marks Diabetes Awareness Month and we’re teamed up with our friends at Joslin Diabetes Center’s Asian American Diabetes Initiative to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. For thirty days, we will feature a specially printed menu filled with diabetes-friendly dishes that will have you eating healthily and deliciously.

Stay tuned for details on a fundraising event with the AADI in the near future!



When you can’t get to us, we come to you. Get SHK delivered to your doorstep via DoorDash and for a limited time, the delivery fee will be waived!

And if you can make it off your couch briefly, don’t forget we now offer a full takeout menu.



At SHK, we are all about three things: tradition, family and food – which is why we are all about Thanksgiving! From November 19-24, make a reservation and indulge in chef specials like mala turkey or family-style prix fix menus.

We’ll also be doing special guest appreciation giveaways!