In Full Fall Swing

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We’re loving these cooler, crisp Autumn temperatures! And with that brings warmer fall foods, festive drink specials, and so much more. Let’s dig in!

A Spooky and Delicious Halloween

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are? We love getting into the spirit and are so excited to decorate the restaurant. Bring on all the orange, pumpkins, skulls, and creepy spooking decor!!

While China doesn’t tend to celebrate Halloween like we do in the United States, the Chinese do celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival (or Yulan Festival as it’s traditionally called). This takes place on the 14th night of the 7th Lunar month.
This festival signifies the opening of the gates of the spirit realm, permitting spirits to walk the earth. It’s been celebrated for over 100 years; many Chinese people believe that spirits need to be appeased in order for them to pass in peace. Because of this, food and drink are left out for the ghosts. Some believe that their ancestors and passed loved ones come back to check on their family.

Halloween Cocktail Specials

All month long, celebrate with our Pumpkin Pie Martini, a blend of pumpkin spiced vodka, maple cream liquor, lemon juice, and simple syrup with a cinnamon sugar rim & cinnamon stick. Or, sip on our Poisoned Apple Fizz made with gin, Journeyman apple cider, apple juice, apple simple syrup, Schnapps sour apple, egg white, and soda water garnished with an apple slice.

October Foodie Holidays

We’ve got lots of foodie holidays this month!
– 10/1 World Vegetarian Day – Two dishes we always recommend are our Stir Fried Diced Lotus Root and our Impossible Meatball with Okra
– 10/6 National Noodle Day – Chef Zhang’s Stir-Fried Noodles are amazing!
– 10/11 World Egg Day – Try our Green Pepper with Century Egg or our Steamed Egg Tofu.
– 10/14 National Dessert Day – Mmm, sweets! We love our Chocolate Truffle and Sweet Tofu Pudding.

Chef Zhang's Recommendations

It’s getting hot in here! This month Chef Zhang recommends our Chicken with Mountain Yam and Sizzling Beef Chili & Onion. Which one are you choosing to devour?

Weekly Live Music

Each Wednesday and Thursday, from 6-9pm, we host live music at our restaurant. Check out the schedule and join us for a meal. Now let’s meet one of our talented artists!

Introducing: Larry Kukers

Larry Kukers is an innovative Boston-based jazz bass player. He is a freelance musician who has played with jazz and R&B legends including Bo Diddly, Ronnie Spector, and Freddy Cannon. Led by Larry, The Larry Kukers Trio takes classic standards and interprets them in interesting and creative ways. His current configuration consists of Mitch Livstone on guitar and a rotating cast of the top jazz drummers in the Boston area.