Year of the Tiger

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is just a few days away and this year, we celebrate the year of the tiger. Festivities typically last 16 days, from Chinese New Year’s Eve on the 31st to the Lantern Festival on February 15th.
As our tradition, here at Sumiao we’re celebrating by handing out red envelopes filled with money and enjoying some lucky foods with our guests. On Chinese New Year Eve, each dine-in guest will receive a red envelope and each takeout order will receive one too!

Chinese New Year and February Specials

Food is always a huge part of our celebrations and traditions. This year, join us for these February Chinese New Year Specials:
1. Holiday Family Steak Tip
2. Family Reunion Delight
3. Globe Steamed Pork
4. Steamed Whole Tilapia
5. Duck Yolk Breaded Gold Pumpkin
6. Spicy Kung Fu Chicken
7. Kung Hei Fat Choy Cake
8. Yin Yang Sweet Rice

February Cocktail Specials

With all these celebrations in store, here’s what we’re sipping on!
1. One Night in Beijing – Xifeng baijiu, Campari, orange liqueur, orgeat, orange juice, lime, coconut milk
2. Love Sip – Vodka, Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream, Strawbery Puree
3. The Red Lantern – Baijiu Xi Feng Jiu, Aperol, Amaro Nonio, Grendadine, Lemon
4. You & Me – Moscato, Vodka, Strawberry Lemonade, Grendadine

Sumiao Loves Baijiu

In addition to our February cocktails, we want to highlight our favorite liquor, Baijiu. We’ve got a great variety of options. Please ask us for a recommendation or food pairing!

We LOVE Love!

Valentine’s Day makes us so happy. So happy, that everyone who is dining with us on February 14th will get our complimentary rose rolls. How cute are these? Whether you’re celebrating with y0ur bestie, loved one, or spouse, we’ve got lots to go around! Be sure to make your reservation early 🙂

Live Music at Sumiao

Each Wednesday and Thursday, from 6-9pm, we host live music at our restaurant. This year we’re welcoming new talent. Read on to learn more about these new musicians.

Dwayne Haggins

He’s been described as “the love child of Hank Williams and Otis Redding.” “The John Legend of rockabilly.” And even, “the ‘what-took-you-so-long?’ fusion of Elvis Presley and Marvin Gaye.” At every performance, whether in a venerable metropolitan concert hall or a grimy dive in an anonymous strip mall, Dwayne Haggins is always at work.

So Distinct

A world-class band blending expert musicians; a repertoire of over 500 songs that spans all eras and styles of music starting with classic jazz standards, swing, Motown, disco, funk to pop, light rock, high energy dance hits of today.

Rivers Between

Rivers Between is a Boston-area Indie Folk duo comprised of singer-songwriter Greg Kane and vocalist Kat Brooks. Greg’s soulful compositions, engaging folk style guitar, and unique voice coupled with Kat’s beautifully inventive harmonies, make them a local favorite.

Bill McGoldrick Duo

The Bill McGoldrick Duo combines acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals. The concept of this duo is similar to an MTV Unplugged style act, performing popular tunes but with just one acoustic guitar and vocalists.
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