September | 2018

MaiTais, Music + Mooncakes

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September is one of those in-between months when we’re forced to say goodbye to summer but we’re looking forward to autumn at the same time. Beyond sweater-weather and football, SHK is chock-full of specials and reasons to love September this year; here’s what to look forward to this month:



We’ll be shaking up our specialty Mai Tai cocktail for only $5 all month long! Perfect for students on a budget or for an after-work outing with a group of colleagues, our Hunan-style Mai Tai is an interpretation of the spirit-forward worldwide classic, paying homage to the original cocktail recipe from Trader Vic Bergeron but with subtle changes to complement our signature Hunanese cuisine.



On the food side:

Our chefs have added two exceptional seafood dishes to the menu available in September only! Don’t miss your chance to indulge our seasonal creations: a Steamed Duojia Cod with Chinese broccoli ($48) and Deep Fried Scallops with asparagus ($38).



On the beverage side:

We take pride in all of our cocktails but we have two newcomers that are deserving of the spotlight this month:

First up is our Sumiao Painkiller. We took one of the most beloved recipes in the tiki playbook and in true Hunan-fashion, we added some kick! This sweet and spicy twist on a Piña Colada blends coconut rum, dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and orange juice, then we top it with ancho chile ($10).

Next, meet our new favorite duo: baijiu with beer. Trust us, this beer-shot combo is something you have to taste to believe.




In celebration of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year, we’ll be bringing a cherished family tradition to Kendall Square: mooncakes & music!

Mooncakes, which are little known treats here in the U.S., are round pastries that represent a full moon and symbolize the reunion of family. They are gifted between Hunanese friends and family while celebrating the festival, which occurs on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

In honor of the holiday on September 24, we’ll be serving these symbols of lunar appreciation by the pair for $15 and will welcome traditional Chinese musicians for live performances in the dining room from 7pm-10pm.



Our live music nights will continue on! Every Thursday and Friday night, we’ll host the city’s top musical talent across different genres including returning talents: Anna & Bill, Hanna Kim, Cool Runnings Reggae and the Choro Group.

Our newest addition will be Patrice Williamson, a local jazz artist performing as a duo alongside a talented guitarist.